Our Wedding Day :)

June 25th was such an amazing day for the two of us. From the moment we got engaged last October, we have lived and breathed everything "wedding". Weekends were spent hitting up antique shops and thrift stores searching for reception decor, while week nights were centered around wedding crafts. Our goal was to make our wedding completely, uniquely us; we spent many hours attempting to make every detail just right. Most importantly, though, we wanted to celebrate our union with the people we love the most. We realized quickly that without our family and close friends present to witness our vows, it simply wouldn't be as special. So a huge THANK YOU to all those who so sweetly supported us; it means the world and we are truly grateful to have you in our lives.

Here are a few little details from our big day:
  • June 25th also happened to be my grandparent's, Clayton and Darlene Brown, wedding anniversary. We lost our precious Pawpaw Clayton in March and hoped to honor him through sharing their special day.
  • The gloves I wore were my moms when she was 11 years old. Zach worked HARD with oxiclean to get them back into good shape. Thanks for providing my "something borrowed", Momma!
  • The handkerchief I carried was a wedding gift from my great grandmother to my parents. The blue (something blue, naturally) brooch in my bouquet was a gift from my brother Shane 10 years ago; it came all the way from Princess Grace's castle in Monaco.
  • Zach and I exchanged letters before the wedding instead of gifts and both decided afterwards that he waaaaay outdid me. His letter was so heartfelt and sweet (and a little funny).
  • Zach's one request was Linda Freeman's red velvet cake for his groom's cake and he happily got his wish. (the rest of us weren't mad either...)
  • Neither one of our rings would go past our knuckle during the ceremony. During the lighting of the unity candle, I slipped Zach my band and asked him to keep it in his pocket and he wore his half-way down his finger.
  • We owe a ginormous thank you to our mothers, Ann Allen, Katy Bliss, Whitney, and Amanda for all the long hours at the Country Club decorating...Dad for the amazing help with the candy bar...Scarlett for the sparklers and honeymoon goodies...Debby Bankhead for making our dreams come to life...Brit Granger for saving the day time and time again...Laura, Karli, Carla, Laura Gilbert, Pam, and everyone that stayed behind to help clean up our mess....Gretchin and David for letting us have a sleep-over in your beautiful home...and of course our lovely wedding party for being such great support.