My husband, Picasso

Hello friends and Mom :). Happy Wednesday! I'm not sure how thrilled my husband will be that I'm posting this, but I couldn't help myself. I wanted to share one of his awesome paintings with the world! He hasn't painted in quite some time...believe it or not we've been a little busy (you know, the whole getting married thing). Zach has many creative outlets and I love it; he even enjoys antique shopping! That makes for fun weekends, let me tell you. Back to what I wanted to share with you...the painting below is one he did last fall. It's very abstract, as most of his art is, and I can't wait to hang it in our house sometime in the near future. If he doesn't kill me for posting this, I will gradually show you more and more of his talent.

 I would title it Solar System

 His face after reading this post....

Oh my goodness...I had to throw this in too. Tell me that isn't the cutest mouse you've ever seen??!!