Stevie Nicks Concert

Saturday night was the best night of our lives. Okay, I'm lying; our wedding was the best. But August 13th was a close second. Seeing Stevie Nicks was a dream come true, for me at least. Up until three weeks ago Zach thought 'Stevie' was a guy. Go figure. Even my silly husband was mesmerized by her hauntingly beautiful voice. So mesmerized, in fact, that he kept having to look down and play games on his phone just to snap out of the trance. She was like an angel that has smoked a lot of cigarettes. But an angel nonetheless.

By far the most touching part of the concert was when she sang Landslide. She prefaced the song by dedicating it to her dad, who passed away in 2005. She talked about how much he influenced her life and what an impact he had had on her music. She spoke in a way that made her seem so raw and real, like we could reach out and touch her (we were MUCH too far from the stage to do so). As she began singing, I closed my eyes and was taken back to so many wonderful childhood memories. Fleetwood Mac's music is such a special bond that I too share with my dad. It really made us stop and realize not only the power of Stevie's lyrics, but also how blessed we are to have such amazing parents. Even though Steve and Squatty will never ever read this blog ("What's a blog"?), we love you both so very much and thank you for all the laughter and happiness you've given us over the years.

little blurry (told you we were far away)

 me, Dad, and Shane, circa 1989

 Zach, Scott, and Jake, circa 1985