Travel Wish List

Zach and I decided to get a little ambitious tonight and create a "Travel Wish List". It was originally supposed to stop at ten must-see places, but ended up making it to thirteen....and we're okay with that. Our goal is to make it to at least five of these before we die. That's attainable, right? (insert encouragement here)

1. New Zealand
We don't just want to see one spot but the ENTIRE thing. And we're not even Lord of the Rings fans.

2. Barcelona, Spain
Spanish seafood is calling our name.

3. Antarctica
Zach's pick....not sure why. Looks a little too chilly for my taste, but I'll go with it.

4. Seattle, Washington
We want to go to the Space Needle! Plus Sleepless in Seattle is the best chick-flick EVER.

5. Alaskan Klondike
One of us, I'll let you guess which one, wants to "pan for gold".

6. Wengen, Switzerland
Despite our faulty knees, we must ski here. We really must. And if that doesn't work out we will skip around the mountains singing "The Hills Are Alive".

7. Moscow, Russia
Another one of Zach's picks that I'm totally on-board with. He wants to visit the Kremlin and I'm not arguing since the Orlov Diamond, a gift to Catherine the Great from Count Orlov, her lover, is on display inside.

8. Egypt
Can you picture Zach and me on a camel? We can't either. That's why we have to go, ride one, and take lots of pictures for proof.

9. Mussoorie & Agra, India
If you've ever watched the movie A Little Princess, surely you must share my desire to bathe with elephants in a mystical Indian watering hole. Zach was lucky enough to watch the movie last year during what we refer to as "kidney stone time" and he too wants to bathe with elephants.

10. Galapagos Islands
Another one of my husband's choices. He blames it on Darwin.

So cute yet so very ugly.

11. Paris, France
Two reasons: Louis Vuitton and the Louvre.

12. Greenland
 Zach is pretty set on visiting this lovely arctic tundra. Can you tell he's hot natured? I call him "my little hot box". Let's get that sweet little hot box to this big ol' icebox.  
13. Santorini, Greece
This island is the remnant of a volcanic cone whose top was blown off. Plus, we've always wanted to cliff dive. Gotcha! We'd never do that. The Mediterranean is just so serene and inviting.

Sorry I didn't cite my picture sources....terrible about that! Hope you're all having a wonderful week :).