Weekend Shenanigans

Hi friends! This weekend was a quick one, wasn't it? We made the most of it though, eating good food and seeing great friends. I'm proud to say we are making a tiny bit of progress in the house-hunting, but of course I can't disclose that until I get the okay from Mr. Fullwood. And y'all just thought wear the pants in this relationship.  

Brit Stelzer came in town Saturday and we saw The Help, which definitely lived up to it's hype. We're talking tears, y'all, lots of tears. Zach and I later met up with some friends to watch the UFC fight (it wasn't as good as The Help) and thoroughly enjoyed the company and midtown atmosphere. Oh, and did I mention we did a little antiquing? 'Cause we did, and guess who's idea it was? No, not mine...my husbands! Boy do I love him.

great antique mall in Tomball (looking at coins...what else?)
that red purse doesn't look very antique, does it?
proof of who won our Friday night dart game..... :)