Crafty Coasters

Ever since our wedding, Zach and I have been feeling ultra crafty. We have found, however, that most crafts can unfortunately get a bit costly. When I stumbled upon these coasters on How About Orange (tutorial here), I knew we had to give them a try. Summertime has left us many a magazine laying around, just asking to be put to good use.

We are headed to College Station tomorrow for the first A&M football game of the year and to see Miss Katy; hope she enjoys her little surprise... and of course all the greasy food we are going to treat her to (heeellooooo Wings 'n More). Zach is bubbling over with excitement and it's just so cute. It has felt like Christmas Eve in Casa de Fullwood all week and I am finally beginning to embrace the thrills college football brings. So, against all better judgement, Gig 'em Ags! :)