DIY Felt Flowers

As a connoisseur of all things girly, I have been on the hunt for a good tutorial on multi-purpose fabric flowers. I finally found the motherload here on The Fickle Pickle. I was so thrilled with how easy they are to assemble, not to mention inexpensive. I got all the supplies for $8 at Michaels; each flower costs less than 50 cents to make!

You will need:
precut felt squares
drinking glass
buttons (I used decorative brads)
hot glue gun
pins or hair clips
supplies from Michaels
Using a drinking glass, trace 6 circles on a felt square. Cut them out, making sure to cut just inside of the pen line so it won't show on your flower (wish I had known that little tip on my first trial). Also cut one smaller circle to use as your base, about half the size of the others (this doesn't have to be won't show).
Take a circle, fold it in half. Fold one corner up and one back to make an 'S' as shown. Secure the inside tip on each side with glue.
Glue your triangles to the base one at a time, making sure they are close together.
Once they are all secured, fluff up the petals.
Using your glue gun, stick a pretty button (or brad) into the center of your masterpiece.
Attach whatever you'd like to the back with hot glue. I used hair clips but pins would work great too. The options are endless!
Sittin' pretty in our new little basket
Jazzin' up our engagement picture
Thanks for stopping by! :)