Halloween Mix

I know what you're thinking. Halloween? Seriously? It's still September. And you'd be correct, but you will forgive me quickly once you realize that I am introducing to you the best combo since PB&J. Fo' real.

Meet candy corn and peanuts.

I had this for the first time last fall and was instantly hooked. There's just something so amazing about the sweet, honey flavored candy corn with the salty peanuts that is inexplicably tasty. You gotta try it. We used twice as many peanuts as candy corn because we like it a little more salty, but it's yummy any way you wanna eat it. We also found these cute glass jars at Dollar Tree for $1 each (of course) that are just right for holiday hand-outs.
We are going home this weekend and will be giving these treats to our families since we probably won't see them again until Thanksgiving :(. Just typing that made me sad. Good thing I have this little salty/sweet mix to cheer me up.

Happy (very) early Halloween!