Trinkets 'n Treasures

I love jewelry.

Whew! I feel much better now, getting that off my chest and all.

Now I can talk about how much I adore displaying my faux pearls and rhinestones and not feel as though I'm treating the jewelry itself like an ugly stepchild. That is, in fact, the whole point of this slight obsession of mine; jewelry deserves to be showcased at all times, even when it's not being worn. The whole taking it off and throwing it in a drawer thing (which yes, I'm guilty of too) should so be against the law.

You've probably noticed by now that Zach and I are very in to thrifting. We live for a good treasure hunt. Anytime we go into an antique mecca, we part ways like we've never met before and do our thing. I immediately head to the glassware and Zach's all over the coins like white on rice. I have this infatuation, you see, with delicate vintage trinket boxes and jewelry holders of the sort. Basically anything that will nest a few bracelets and look snazzy on a vanity. These even work great on the kitchen windowsill for last minute dishwashing or dough kneading emergencies. Oh, the possibilities. Zach can have all those silly coins; I go for the good stuff.

We found this one in Galveston on The Strand, tucked in the neatest little antique shop. I like the unique color and scalloped edges.

Last weekend when we were in College Station, Lisa and Katy discovered a gem of an antique shop with great furniture. We didn't leave with a loveseat, unfortunately, but I did pick up these lovely trinkets. The shop owner and I debated for a solid 4 minutes over what their original purpose was; I still stand by my butter dish proposal. My grandma told me once that back in the good 'ol days, each place setting had its own small, individual butter dish. Who knows though...these may have been made in '92. That's still considered antique, right? The set of 4 was $6, and hand painted, so naturally I couldn't pass them up.

That's the beauty of vintage them a purpose that suits your individual taste and needs. What would you use these trinkets for?