More Felt Flowers

After the last felt flower project (found here), I had oodles of scraps left over and the creative juices were still flowing. I decided to attempt my own variation of these and love how they turned out! Zach doesn't exactly see the potential of 87 felt flowers laying around our apartment, which became mildly apparent after he deemed them "pancake roses". Evidently these pretties are a tad too flat for his taste. That's okay, I won't make him wear them in his hair like I was going to.

 I ended up making lots more dual-color ones like you see on the top left...they are a little more tricky but totally worth it.
 Step One: Cut a shape a little bigger than your palm, and make it asymmetrical. The wilder the edges, the prettier your flower.
Step Two: Start cutting in a spiral, pretty close to the edges
 Step Three: Keep cutting until you get down to the last 1/4 of your original circle. This will serve as the back/base of your flower.
Step Four: Starting with the first end you cut, begin wrapping your flower
Step Five: Once you have wrapped all the way to the base, it should fold over easily onto the back of your flower. Secure it with hot glue. Lots of hot glue.
Step Six: Glue anything you'd like to the back. I used hair clips, but pins would work well too. I am also planning on making a fall wreath like this!
If you'd like to add leaves, cut two leaf shapes from green felt and glue to the back. Adds a cute touch!
These flowers made me want to frolic. And hop the next flight to San Francisco.

Happy crafting, y'all!