Gettin' Thrifty With It

Hi friends!! I have a confession for you all. Last week I did a very bad thing... I went to Salvation Army without my husband. Let me tell you guys, he was NOT happy. After getting the puppy dog eyes and hearing heavy disappointment in his voice, I vowed to never again fly solo into our favorite junk haven. Even still, I had to share my finds with y'all. The cobalt blue and white vase you see above was $1.99 and I instantly fell in love. The little trinket box came all the way from the Amsterdam airport; I think they are buddies now.

The red heart bowl below was one of four I found for 99 cents each. Score! I love the scalloped edges and bright red color that will look perfect with our new Fiesta flatware (which is sadly still living in Sweetwater). Point of this post: Go thrift your little hearts out! There are many treasures to be found.