Rolled Ribbon Roses

Confession: I am officially a flower-making junkie. I'm not sure what it is that fuels the flower fire in me, but something definitely has set a spark. I have seen many fabric rose tutorials lately but when I was in Hobby Lobby several days ago and saw their ribbon was 50% off (I swear, 50% of that store is constantly 50% off. Totally not complaining.) I decided to get a few rolls and play around. These were so simple and fun to make, even Zach wants to try. Okay, not really. But you should!

You will need:
ribbon, about half an inch thick
hot glue gun
felt squares
needle and thread, optional (depending on your project)

Fold your ribbon in half. Keep it on the spool with a little slack and pull it as you go
Begin rolling the ribbon, securing every few wraps with glue
Twist it as you go, wrapping around the center. This is hard to explain, but you will get the hang of it. The more you twist, the more 'character' the flower has.
Once the flower is the size you'd like, cut enough ribbon to fold over on to the back. Secure it with glue.
It should look something like this...
Cut a small felt square and glue it to the back of your flower to serve as the base
I stitched mine onto a baby headband that I'm giving to a friend, but you can use yours for so many different things. These white headbands were 3 for $1.99 at Hobby Lobby.
If you choose to put them on a band like this one, make sure you pull the elastic tight before stitching. The flowers may seem a bit squished, but when worn they sit just right.
If you are attaching on to a bobby pin....
Put the bobby pin around a piece of cardboard or thick paper

Add a little glue to the top
Gently press the flower down and leave for several minutes until dry
Pull it off the paper and you have yourself a lovely new hair accessory
Or if you'd like to stitch it on (my personal preference)....
Stich through the back of the flower and through the top (ridgedy) side of the bobby pin. Repeat several times until the flower is tightly fastened. I did not put a felt base on this one, but should have! Oopsie.

Secure with a double knot and trim excess thread
Tah Dah! You will never have a bad hair day again.

Hope you find this tutorial helpful and make yourself some lovely little roses :)