Thrifty Thursday

Thrifting is seriously addicting. I've never tried cocaine (you can sleep at night now, Mom) but I imagine that high being similar to the feeling I get when scoring a $1 dress (that's right, one dolla) at a local thrift shop. So today, I got high.

Really high.

I have had a recent basket obsession; they are just so darn practical. I'm for anything you can throw junk in and it looks somewhat tidy. Snagged this basket for a whole $1.50.

My grandmother on my dad's side, Nana, is quite the thrifter as well. I look forward to Fredericksburg visits not only for her amazing plum jelly but also for the stacks of magazines she sends me home with, all of which she gets for 25 cents each at her local thrift shop. Today was a major breakthrough. I can now simply focus on Nana's plum jelly because I discovered my own array of 25 cent magazines. Sure, they're a few months old...but for a quarter each I think I can manage.

Just now noticing the Hersey's box in the background and I'm intrigued....

I'm not usually into the whole mirror-picture-taking-thing but today I gave it a try. I must admit I felt slightly rebellious, as if somehow snapping pictures of $3 skirts would get me in trouble with the store security. But then I realized thrift stores don't have security. So I happily snapped away.

I'm loving the new maxi-skirt trend (as seen here
) and though I didn't make it home with one, I had fun flouncing around the dressing room.

This black silk blouse was a whopping $4 and for some reason unbeknownst to me, it didn't make it to the checkout line. I informed Zach we will be going back on Saturday. He loves me, so he agreed.

He also thought I looked like his third grade teacher. Gee.......thanks.

And because I can't ever keep a post on topic......
Our precious nephew Jagger's 1st birthday is coming up and we sent off his gift today (if you're reading this Ashlee, sorry I'm ruining the surprise). He is gonna make this t-shirt look good.