Weekend Warriors

This weekend was yet another one spent in College Station. I drove Katy to Dallas on Friday for a follow-up appointment with the doctor who did her hip surgery; she had a great report! The fact that her doc looks like Patrick Dempsey was just an added bonus. I drove back to Houston Friday night and Zach and I headed back to College Station Saturday afternoon for the football game. I was on the road a lot this weekend; I felt like a cross between Willy Nelson and a truck driver. We had a blast, especially since the Aggies beat the University of Idaho 37-7 and we got to eat Yogurtland again. Mostly 'cause we got to eat Yogurtland again. Zach's mom also drove down for the game so we enjoyed getting to spend time with sweet Lisa.

A recap via photos:
Katy and I found a little time to shop on Friday...
 and eat at Rosas (tortillas+honey=sleepy drive back to H-town)

 first stop Saturday: Wings 'n More

tent sale time!

 Katy showed us the "skinny pose", demonstrated nicely below
 Zach has it down, too.
 sweet shades
 game time=happy husband....
 and silly wife.

 Makes you want a Pepsi, huh?
Don't let their expressions fool you; they were excited over the victory.

 players leaving the field
And Zach's
 parking lot shenanigans
Katy took this picture...that couple beside us was precious! That will be us someday (except I will never be taller than Zach.)

Hope your weekend was full of wonderful adventures and yummy yogurt. :)