Cranberry & Aqua Wreath

There's no denying it, wreaths are everywhere this season. There's also no denying that I am absolutely obsessed with them for the first time in my life. As a little girl, I always thought my mom was crazy for wanting to hang the old garland wreath on our front door during the Christmas season. What was the point of greenery if there weren't presents underneath? I see now that there are beautiful, unique wreaths for every season that are equally as fun to make as they are to display.

I chose these colors because I love the combination of cool aqua blue with deep cranberry red, and the yellow touch in the berries convinced me to add a pop of mustard with the flowers. I wasn't going to add the felt flowers at first but my artsy husand convinced me to and I'm glad he did. Looking back, the wreath looked a bit sad and sparse without them. Thank you, Mr. Fullwood! You sure have a knack for these things.
You will need:
1 small round wreath (I used a 9 inch from Dollar Tree)
Ribbon of your choice, about 2 yards in each color
Felt flowers (or any kind you have on hand)
Faux berries (these were 99 cents each at Michaels)
Hot glue gun

Step one: Begin wrapping the wreath with ribbon tightly, hot gluing after every few wraps
Step two: Take your other color of ribbon and repeat, filling in the uncovered spaces
Should look something like this...
Step three: Keep alternating ribbon colors and fill in all uncovered spots of the wreath. It doesn't have to be symmetrical or perfect, just do what you think looks good.

Step four: Cut your berries into smaller strands, leaving a little stem

Step five: Tuck each stem into a piece of ribbon, and hot glue to secure
Step six: Using your extra wire from the berries, cut a 2 inch piece and twist it into a circle. Hot glue it onto the back of your wreath at the very top to serve as the hanger.
Step seven: Glue on any flowers or extra "flair" you'd like. I used these felt flowers.
You now have yourself a new little piece of fall in your home. Happy crafting, y'all!