DIY Lip Exfoliator

If you know Zach and me, you know we love our sweets (there was talk of bypassing the whole lips part and just eating the stuff). You also know that I've struggled quite a bit in the last year and a half with kidney stones because of my not so great relationship with drinking water. Don't worry, we never took "a break" or anything that traumatic. I'm happy to say our relationship is on the mend but my lips still get pretty chapped from time to time, especially this time of year as the weather cools down. I was googling homemade remedies yesterday and was delighted to find this on Livestrong, especially since we already have the ingredients in our kitchen. You probably do too! 
You simply mix equal parts together and store in a covered container. When using, apply a small amount to clean, dry lips. Scrub with your forefinger all over in a circular motion. The sugar will loosen and remove dry skin while the oil and honey will hydrate your lips. Wipe away excess with a tissue and apply your favorite lip balm to lock in the moisture. This makes lipstick go on with a nice smooth and even texture, too.

This stuff really works, you guys. And the best part? Forget the tissue; sweet Z likes to kiss it right off.
I found this cute jar/wooden spoon at an antique shop we spent entirely too long in today. Don't you think this would make a great little gift? We also found these spreaders at Goodwill today...$1.99 for a set of 4. They are Lenox and have never been used; my favorite part is that there's a bumblebee on one side and a ladybug on the other :).
Natural is always better in my book, especially when natural means sugary-sweet goodness. Go ahead, mix you up some! Your silky smooth lips will thank you later.