Initial Key Fob

I am always losing my keys. It's hereditary, most definitely (if you're reading this Mom, you know what I mean). I bought a $1 ribbon keychain at Michaels a few months ago that held up well but finally bit the dust last week; I have been lost ever since. Almost as lost as my keys keep getting, buried inside the depths of my Mary Poppins purse. That is until this was created. It's sort of like magic; the ribbon seems to grow and grow like a tapeworm when you need it most (nasty analogy...sorry). Reach in your purse and BAM...there she is. Yes, my keys are of the female gender. After all, they have spent most of their life getting lost. Not anymore though. Behold the easy-to-make key fob/lifesaver.
I know, it's not very fancy shmancy. But guess what? This is my first official BMF piece (really want to finish this sentence with six exclamation points, but I'll spare you my over-excitement). All I did was stitch the ribbon around a keyring, stitch my initials and hearts, sew the pearls on, then glue lace to the back. No more losing those silly little runaway keys!