K & C Visit: Saturday

Do you ever have those days you wish would never end? Like everything is this perfect storm of awesomess and silliness and eight-year-old-ness that you could never quite recreate, even if you tried. That was our Saturday.

We started the morning off right with breakfast from Crave Cupcakes before heading to the antique mall by our apartment. Nothing like a little red velvet cake to get you going. Apparently Katy and I had a tad bit too much sugar via cream cheese frosting, as evident by our never-ending fashion show. We didn't care; we loved every minute. Surely Caleb, our photographer for the shoot, did too.
Zach could live in this section. Is it weird that I think his love of old, irrelevant documents is the cutest thing ever?
When Katy found this hat, it was all over. We were gonna try on every one they had...

which turned into trying on every dress they had, as well.

Tea and crumpets, anyone?

While we played dress up, Zach scoured the shelves for oil pictures. Not to be confused with oil paintings...I'm talking about pictures of oil shooting up out of the ground. Lucky us! He found one.
He knows how to get silly, too.
Next stop, lunch and games at Dave & Busters. As if we didn't have enough fun at the antique center.

Zach displayed some major intensity at the battleship game.

I displayed some major losing at the Deal or No Deal game.

Evidence that we should never procreate. Thanks for the hope, Gene Machine.

We made brownie balls! Recipe coming soon.

The rest of our day was a blur of Papa John's meat lovers, A&M football, and a late night movie marathon. Like I said, the perfect storm.

Oh, and did I mention that we also got some (60% off) Christmas decor at the antique center? Made my week. Especially since Christmas is officially only 2 months away. Bring on the carols and apple cider....we're ready.