Katy & Caleb Visit: Friday

I know I've mentioned it 47 times, but just in case you missed it, Zach's sister Katy and her boyfriend Caleb came to stay with us this weekend in good ol' H-town. I'm breaking their visit up into 2 posts because there are entirely too many pictures (oopsie); I think I'll spare y'all yesterday's happenings because we pretty much looked like zombies by the time Sunday morning rolled around. That's how you rate a successful weekend though, right? By how rough you look come Sunday. If that's the case...we did good.


We decided to go to opening night of Driving Miss Daisy at the Miller Outdoor Theater and showed up about thirty minutes early...plenty of time to walk down to a park and get silly.

My husband bragged "I have balance like a cat" and we all giggled. But guess what? He kinda does.
This is my husband, the cat, falling to the ground.

Katy the Ballerina....
and ninja

The amazing Miller Outdoor Theater. All shows are free! October is such a perfect time to go, too.

And a sneak peek of Saturday's adventures:

Bringing out our inner Romy and Michele...

Who says you can't get a little crazy in an antique mall?