Weekend Finds

This weekend was pretty wonderful. I don't typically use the word wonderful lightly, either. The Aggies beat Baylor on Saturday so my husband was on cloud nine and we left the game high on life and October sunshine. As we slowly trekked back to the truck, holding hands and almost getting run over twice, Zach suggested hitting up a thrift store "only fifty yards" (yeah right) out of the way. Fifty yards or fifty miles, made no difference to my cheap self; we were so there.

Check out what we found! I spotted this little beauty, hiding all bashful in a corner behind a much uglier chair that apparently didn't want her getting all the attention. There wasn't a price tag on her (yes, it's a her...the flower detail established the gender) so I asked the lady running the place how much she wanted for it. She paused for a second and said "It's been here awhile....how about four dollars"? Zach says my eyes got saucer-wide. To put this in perspective, my weekly (all too often, daily) Starbucks frappuccino costs more than that. Behold the four dollar chair.
She needs a little work, but we're willing to fix 'er up. I promise we don't keep all our furniture on random lawns, either. My sweet husband carried this over his head the whole "fifty yards"  back to the truck and we snapped these pictures on the way.
Hopefully "after" pictures will be posted soon!

That's not all, folks. After a yummy dinner at Wings 'n More with Katy, Caleb, Caleb's grandparents and brothers, Zach and I headed back to Houston with yours truly behind the wheel. I was doing a very bad thing, talking to my mom on the phone while driving, when I spotted a flea market hidden in the trees on the other side of the highway. Zach and I exchanged mind-reading glances and I whipped the truck around as fast as I could. This place was magical. To our disappointment, it was getting dark and the booths were shutting down for the night, but I did get a chance to grab these pretty saucers for $1 each. I am such a sucker for random china! Ideas for these are already in the works...

Hope your weekend was full of treasures, too! We are already making plans for next weekend as we just found out that Miss Katy and Caleb are coming to stay with us. Lots of good food and great fun await!