Weekend Recap: Family, Food, and Football

Oh Sweetwater and Roscoe, how we love our short trips to your dry, dusty terrain. This weekend was no exception; we enjoyed every minute of our whirlwind of a visit. We rolled in Thursday night (aka Friday morning) around 2am, got a sweet wake-up call from our nephew Kamdon a few hours later, and had a very merry Mustang Friday. Saturday was a day of gluttony and college football, two things that seem to inevitably go hand in hand (apparently the Aggies losing and Zach getting very angry go hand in hand, too). Sunday was a special day; we witnessed Kamdon being honored during the baby dedication service at Fourth and Elm Church of Christ. Then we inhaled Allen's macaroni and cheese and my grandma's famous chocolate pie, which resulted in Zach driving back to Houston and me taking a nice long nap. Now that's one successful trip.

Some pictures from the weekend:

with little brudder at the pep rally on Friday
 Ready for the game... and yes, I sported the red denim. Other than Christmas Day, what better opportunity?

love that #17

They didn't come out victorious, but they sure finished strong.

It wouldn't be a trip home without a little baking...

We will soon be posting the recipe for Ann Allen's delicious Chocolate Trifle

Get ready for some major cutness overload.....introducing our precious nephew Kamdon (and my precious husband Zach)

 Getting loved on by Grammy at Meemaw's house

 If the cap is backwards, he means business.

Uncle Zach getting Kam wound up before church
 "Here comes the bumblebee out of the barn...he's gonna get Kamdon right under the arm!"

 The picture's a little blurry, but Cole, Amanda, and little Kamdon made us all so proud during the baby dedication.
photo op with Mamaw after a yummy lunch of take-out Allen's Fried Chicken (thanks Mom and Dad!)

love our sweet Mamaw so much
(recognize this blouse?)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!