We have cable! We have internet! We're livin' the good life once again. It must have been tough living pre-1950's; I'm not sure we could've done it. The only (and I do mean only) downside to rejoining the 21st century? I may never get all our boxes unpacked now. I have entirely too many Housewives shows to catch up on.

Here are a few shots from the last week:

Closing on our home- Monday, November 7th
remember this blouse?

You shoulda seen Zach drivin' this U-Haul. Curb checks, big time. I was following him in our truck and could not quit giggling.
Celebratory dinner/first meal in our house. Nothing like the smell of Burger King to christen a new home.
Zach's parents brought a bunch of our wedding gifts this weekend....we finally have a doormat! It's interchangeable for different seasons and made by Matmates.
Our new Fiesta flatware makes me happy.
And a sneak peek at tomorrow's unveiling....our "sherbet sitting room". It's an interesting tale, let me tell you. You won't want to miss it!

My plan is to show you the house room by room, as we get each one looking virtually-presentable. After all, my Momma does read this blog.

I sure have missed the blogging world the past week! It feels good to be home.