Moving, Moving is no Fun, Unless You Share with Everyone!

The title of this post is such a bunch of baloney. Moving is never fun. However, sharing simply translates to reading about in your lucky little case. I really wish all our junk could just hop, skip, and jump it's way in and out of the moving truck tomorrow. Something like this...
(especially if it would sing cute, catchy songs while doing so)         Image found here

We are officially closing on our first home tomorrow morning!! I really need to use some more exclamation points...please bear with me...

K, I feel better now. We have been praying about this move for what seems like forever and are so thankful it is finally happening. Our house is about 40 minutes down the road in Spring, TX. Zach refers to it as "the 'burbs", but that just makes me think of all the 80's suburbans from our elementary carpool days. Not all that glamorous.

We took a ton of pictures during the inspection, but I have this huge fear of the police showing up at our door and hauling my how-dare-you-post-pictures-of-someone-else's-home self to jail. We just bought a house, we can't afford bail. So, for now, this is all I feel comfortable disclosing. Many, many more pictures will be coming your way after Monday!

the front
 photos via
the backyard
I am so anxious to show you guys the inside! Two hints: wood floors and window seats. Gets me all giddy just typing it. I'm a little worried about my housekeeping skills though; jumping from a 900 square foot apartment (balcony included) to a 3,200 square foot home is quite a change. I will definitely have to up my skills. Thankfully I have a patient husband and a really great vacuum cleaner.

We hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! I'll leave you with a laugh; this was my husband hangin' out at Sears last night. We spent about 30 minutes on that particular mattress...there may or may not have been some snoring (and questionable looks) involved.

Peace out!