Old Town Spring

Last Thursday, I called Zach and told him I had stumbled across Heaven. He assumed I had happened upon a large shopping mall or managed to blow our entire savings in a massive thrift store, but he was wrong. I had found Old Town Spring (while actually trying to find Goodwill...not a bad trade-off).

This place is magical. Located near the original rail yards built in the early 1900's by the Great Northern Railroad, these Victorian-style shops truly take you back in time. And there are shops for everything. Check out the pictures below and you'll see what I mean...

 This Fried Reeses sign really got my heart rate up.

There you have it. The cutest little town you ever did see. The best part? It's only about 3 minutes from our house. Won't you please come visit us so we can hop over to Old Town Spring? Pretty please? There's a birdhouse with your name on it.

p.s. I know I promised a post on the "sherbet sitting room" today, but I have to leave you hanging until Thursday 'cause we are doing another coat of paint tonight and I have a birthday post all ready for tomorrow :). For the record, I haven't been breaking all my promises lately though it may seem that way; I promised Zach I'd get the pest control guy to our house today and boy did I deliver. When it comes to cockroach prevention, I don't mess around. Promise.