Turkey Week, Part One

If you know me, you know I like to celebrate. I'm not just talking a one night, overly anticipated, let-down celebration that ends in "Where did the day go?". I'm talking about week-long, drawn out, almost (but not quite) get-sick-of-celebrating kind of celebrations. That's what makes life worth living. Overdoing it and loving every minute.

I take credit for coining the phrase "birthweek", but surely some genius figured out how to get presents all week long way before my time. Because the birthweek tradition has worked out so well, Turkey Week is now in full effect. So far, it's living up to the hype. Especially since Zach's Mom introduced us to Amish cinnamon bread two days ago.

Saturday's A&M vs. Kansas game was a big victory for the Aggies (yes, this is a picture of the band. yes, that's my favorite part of the game.)

 My husband likes to go crazy at silent auctions.
You're looking at the best little brother in the whole world. We put up the tree as a family Sunday night just like old times (Bing Crosby made it again this year, too. And he stayed awhile).
There you have it...the start to an amazing week. Go ahead, get to celebratin'! That pumpkin pie won't be around forever.