Wedding Ceremony Details

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! We got our wedding pictures and I am so thrilled to share them with you all! The Big Day was in our hometown of Sweetwater on June 25th, 2011, which also happened to be my grandparent's Big Day. My sweet Pawpaw passed away three months before our wedding, which would have been their 56th anniversary. We feel very blessed to share that special tie with Mamaw and Pawpaw Clayton.

There are almost 900 photos total (don't worry, I'll spare you about 800 of those) so I thought I'd break them up into several different posts.
Here are the first half of our details, with explanations for those that aren't self-explanatory. The wedding was "40's vintage" themed with lots of bright purple and aqua touches. Hope you enjoy!

These were my momma's gloves when she was a little girl. They had yellowed with age but Zach attacked them with oxiclean and got them nice and pretty for me to wear. Thanks, Z :)
bridesmaid bouquet
bridal bouquet
the handkerchief was a wedding gift to my mother from my great grandmother...the purple pin has been in our family for several generations...and the navy brooch was a gift from my brother, brought all the way back from Princess Grace's castle in Monaco
Zach and I made these petal cones from an old hymal his Mom gave us...we used stamps and ribbon to tie in our colors
our get-a-way car
the programs, with our (okay okay, my) favorite Pride & Prejudice quote

*photos all by In Bloom Photography