Christmas Came Early

This guy came home with a bit of a surprise last night.
If you know my husband, you know he's a big-time practical joker (although busting in on an innocent person taking a bubble bath with a ski mask on and machete in hand doesn't seem very practical...). This is why I completely didn't believe him when he told me my Christmas present was in our backyard last night. I asked for two things this year: camera and puppy. I wasn't hearing barking so I figured he was teasing me. Plus it was really, really cold last night and only a heartless person leaves a puppy out in freezing weather.

"I know the game", I told him. "I go outside like a retard, walk around the backyard looking through bushes and up in trees, then I'll come to the backdoor frozen and defeated only to find you on the other side laughing as I realize you've locked me out. In the thirty degree weather. Not happening".

But the smile on his face told me something just actually might be out there. And being the gullible sucker I am, I couldn't resist. I went out. I screamed. I came back in carrying a big Best Buy bag full of goodies and my (okay okay, our) brand new Cannon EOS Rebel t3i.

Then I took pictures. Lots of them.

My grandma gave us our "first Christmas" ornament
Zach snuck this on the tree when I wasn't looking. I left it only because I love him.
 We found this vintage sign awhile back at an antique mall for $2
 measuring spoons that feel extra special during the Christmas season
My other grandma gave me this before our wedding...haven't used it yet but don't worry, I will. And I'll probably take pictures.
Does anyone have this same camera? Do you have any helpful tips? I've never used anything like it before and could use any advice you have to offer!