DIY Necklace Holder

Hi friends! Hope you've all had a wonderful weekend gearing up for Christmas and enjoying the holiday season. I want to share a simple project with you today that is quick (took us less than fifteen minutes!), inexpensive, and super practical. For a long time I've needed an effective way to display necklaces; especially since you only see above about 1/8 of the ones I own...the others are in a giant tangled wad. Even if you don't have a Moet chill box (we were given one as a gift and thought it was too pretty to throw out), any large cylinder shape should work for this. At one time I even contemplated using a fabric covered paper towel roll. The cork isn't necessary either, we just thought it added to the base.

We kind of made the rules as we went, and Zach amazed me with his craftiness, but I did my best to capture the simple steps for you. Went something like this:

We found a lamp base at Lowe's that was....wait for it....FREE! It's normally $5 but the packaging was opened a little and someone had written "no charge -Joe" on it in Sharpie. Gee thanks, Joe.
the capsule, waiting to be repurposed
Zach grabbed his drill and drilled a small hole all the way through the cork
We found a gold brass float rod in the plumbing section of Lowe's ($1.60) and using pliers, Zach twisted the rod all the way through the cork, with a little coming out the bottom
He pushed the rod through the hole in the lamp base...
and secured it on the bottom with a nut and washer
Then he measured the length of the capsule....
and drilled a hole, the same size as the one he put in the cork, in the center
 He twisted the rod into the capsule hole until it was nice and secure....
and viola! A masterpiece. Zach also took the cork wire and wrapped it around the top of the rod. Added the perfect touch. I'm a little biased, but I think it looks lovely and French-esque.