Master Bedroom Reveal

Our master bedroom is most definitely a work in progress. A big work in progress. I'm mainly documenting our house right now so that we'll have "before" pictures to put with our "after" pictures in the future (hopefully semi-near future!). We still have lots of art/wall hangings that are waiting to be hung; we just need to make up our minds on where to put them.

My favorite part of the room is the large window seat and I would love to eventually sew a cushion for it for rainy, reading days. Doesn't that sound lovely? Zach would most certainly never use it, especially since there's a tv in front of our couch.

a wedding poem from my grandpa :)
As you can tell, our built-in needs some "in". We're working on it...
We plan on mounting this tv soon too...
So, friends, what do you think? I know it could probably use some more color but the other rooms in our house have so much brightness going on (wait 'til you see our kitchen) that I kindof like it being calm and neutral. We also have more pretty pillows for the bed that decided to play hooky from the picture session. Hope everyone is having a great week!