Versatile Blogger Award

Pretty sure the last award I received was a perfect attendance ribbon in high school. Don't get me wrong, that was totally thrilling...but not quite as much as making Shannon's list on her great blog, Imperfectly Inspired.

Now I get to do three things:
1. Thank the person who gave me this award.
2. Tell you 7 things about myself.
3. Pass it on to 15 other people and let them know they've been awarded.
So, Miss Shannon, thank you! It is a huge honor to be mentioned alongside such amazing blogs. This is way better than getting a perfect attendance ribbon. The rest of you must go check out Imperfectly Inspired. You're sure to find fabulous craft, food, and just-plain-life inspiration.

Telling 7 things about myself isn't the easiest thing to do, and I tend to get really random when doing things like this, but I'll give it a try:

1. I received this award about, oh, a month or so ago...which I guess makes me a bit of a procrastinator.

2. Zach and I are both from little towns in West Texas, 8 miles apart. We never knew each other growing up; proof that it's all in God's timing.
3. I love Christmas. Big time. Started listening to my Bing Crosby Christmas album in August.

4. Between my husband and me, we have had seven major knee injuries. He's had 4 surgeries on the same knee! :(
5. I eat candy every day. I also get cavities every few months.

6. My Momma is the best Momma.

7. The coolest job I ever had was working in Internal Ticketing for the Sundance Film Festival.

And the fun part...I now get to name 15 wonderful blogs for you to go visit!

1. We Like to Learn as We Go - Such a fun, wonderful read. This no sew headband is on my to-craft list.
2. ReMadeSimple - So unbelievably much goodness going on here. Look at this darling little rosette Christmas tree.
3. a peachtree city life - Such a cute love with this "thankful" craft project and this gorgeous silver wreath.
4. Living Savvy - She has a great eye for design; just look at what she did with this pillow. Check out this beautiful headboard she made, too. Her tutorials are wonderful.
5. NewlyWoodwards - If you are into home renovation, this is the site for you. They are pros! Just check out the story of their first home and you'll see what I mean. She also has a really neat Dare to DIY Blog Party going on right now.
6. Ten June - Yet another amazing DIY/renovation blog....I have found so much inspiration here over the last few months. Check out the cuteness of their striped office!
7. Twenty Three Oh One - She is a fellow LCU grad with a fabulous blog full of yummy recipes, great outfit ideas, and DIY projects. Not to mention her beautiful home! This was the first blog I started following and fell in love with; look at this master bedroom make-over and you'll be hooked too!
8. Life Uncluttered - I'm new to this blog but am totally smitten. Just look at what she did with their basement! Organization at it's finest.
9. ReMadeSimple - She has two precious little boys and some fabulous DIY ideas. I am especially a fan of what she did with her Ugg Boots. Her creativity makes me want to drop everything and craft!
10. Welcome to Heardmont - This blog has so many amazing projects...I have spent many hours in awe jumping from post to post. One of my favorites is their new guest room; just take a nice long look at that craft nook. Who doesn't want one of those?!
11. Keeping Up With the Cyperts - This is one of my very best friends but I would follow her regardless....their blog has some of the yummiest treats you'll ever see (and hopefully eat). This homemade mac & cheese makes my mouth do some serious watering.
12. My Darling Days - Katie is such a sweetheart and her blog is full of fabulous fashion and pictures of her adorable niece..along with several great recipes like this one.
13. Smallgood Hearth - She is an English teacher with a very crafty and creative side...just check out this super cute "holly jolly Christmas wreath" she recently made.
14. love notes by lauryn - She has awesome fashion inspiration and some great hair tutorials...along with craft projects like this fabulous banner made from cupcake liners.
15. The Lovely Residence - Her home is the dream home of all dream homes. Just check out this post and you'll see what I mean.

There you have it, friends! 15 fabulous blogs just waiting to be stalked. Enjoy!