White Chocolate Peppermint Bark

My husband doesn't like white chocolate or candy canes. It's true. However, when I realized we had lonely, leftover almond bark in the pantry and a box of untouched candy canes crying out for attention, I just couldn't bear to leave them in their solitary state. Plus, more for me.

This is the stuff dreams are made of, y'all. And it only has two ingredients. That's right, you heard me. Two. ingredients. Make you some of this minty goodness and you will be singing Christmas songs for days (while standing in the kitchen, gettin' your grub on).
step one: Break up candy canes and put them in a ziploc bag.
step two: Using a rolling pin, smush the candy canes into tiny pieces. You'll want some big, some really small and gritty.
step three: Melt desired amount of almond bark in microwave safe bowl. I used four cubes for a 10" square dish. (pretty sure white chocolate chips would work , too)
step four: Dump your crushed candy into a colander over the melted chocolate. Toss it around until all the little pieces have fallen through, leaving only the bigger chunks.
step five: Stir small pieces into chocolate. This gives it the delightful, minty flavor.
step six: Oh, step six; how I loathe thee. This is where my brain hit the proverbial wall. I didn't line the pan with aluminum foil. Are you smarter than a fifth grader, Brittany? Why no, no I'm not. Please, I'm begging you, line your pan with foil. You won't be sorry. It still worked out for me, but let's just say cutting the bark up was more of a work-out than an ironman triathlon. Totally not exaggerating, either. Anyway, pour your mixture into a foil-lined pan or cookie sheet and sprinkle leftover bigger pieces on top. Pop into the fridge for 45 minutes to an hour. Pull it out, break into pieces, and you have yourself a yummy holiday treat.
This peppermint bark is so perfect for handing out to neighbors, friends, co-workers..anyone except picky husbands ;). Happy holidays, friends!

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