Cole, Manda, and Kam Visit

This weekend was glorious. We're talking fresh air, blue skies, and the cutest little family around. Zach's brother Cole, his wife Amanda, and their precious baby Kamdon came down and stayed with us for the weekend. I knew Cole and Amanda long before I ever met Zach (I'll save that story for another day) so they aren't just family, but dear friends as well. And Kamdon? Oh, he's a peach. A squeezable, lovable, chubby little peach. We miss him already.

Saturday morning we hit up an auction...
and hit up Pappadeaux that night
(the wait was long. Kam's fussy face was totally justified)
Saturday afternoon we went to the Woodlands Mall, where Baby Kam tried on a coonskin cap....
and Uncle Zach tried out (and almost purchased) a very tempting massage chair.
Kam also rode the carousel...such a big boy!
be still my heart
We marched down to the lake and fed some very hungry (and greedy) ducks.
blowing kisses to the ducks
"Hey Uncle Zach, did you see those duckies"?!
Spending time with Cole, Amanda, and Kamdon is always such a blessing. We're reminded of the simple joys in life and just how wonderful it is to stop and take it all in. Most importantly, we're reminded that family is everything. We wouldn't have it any other way.