DIY Earring Organizer

Happy Hump Day, friends! Today I wanna share a little project with you that was super easy and is proving to be just as useful as it is cute. Behold, the cheese grater earring holder...
You probably remember the DIY necklace holder we made back in December; these two are best buddies now.
This is yet another project that I must give Zach the credit for. Thanks, Z! My earrings applaud you. If you are wanting to make one for yourself, which I highly recommend, I apologize for not taking step by step pictures. It's pretty simple though. Here's how we Zach did it:

We found a cheese grater at a grocery store for $1 and spray painted it gold. We already had the frame and weren't using it, so Zach painted it purple and I went crazy gluing on gems (kindergarten art project, anyone?). Zach cut the grater down to the size of the frame using tin cutters and we glued it to the back of the frame (a little glue shows on the lower right side and we could've painted over it, but we were lazy). We left the original back of the frame off, but cut a small sliver to support the hinged leg. Zach spray painted the front of the "sliver" gold and glued it to the back of the grater. We let it dry overnight and viola! Our masterpiece was done.

Hope this has inspired you to give your earrings a new home, too. I filled the organizer up a little more after these pictures and it's amazing how much more I wear each pair now that they're actually visible and not buried in the depths of my "jewelry drawer". How do you organize your jewelry? Any ideas for bracelet displays? Thanks in advance, ladies!

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