Easy DIY Cards

Today, January 11th, is National Thank You Day! I'm proud to provide the one completely random thing you learned today.

In honor of National Thank You Day, I want to share a really simple way to show appreciation for all those special people in your life. You don't have to spend a lot on cards or do something extravagant; it's the thought that counts after all.

A few nights ago, Zach and I were in Michaels when I spotted this super cute craft paper for $1. One dollar! I didn't have a purpose for it in mind; just caught my eye and knew we could put it to good use.

Kept walking down the aisles and BOOM. Ran into these adorable stamp sets for...wait for it....$1 each! I've been big into stamping for the past couple years; it's such a fun way to personalize things that has kind of become a lost art. Let's bring it back, shall we?
proof of our stamping love below...petal cones we made and stamped for our wedding send-off back in June (photos by In Bloom Photography)
 and hand-stamped bags for the candy bar at our wedding
Back to the successful Michaels trip...Not sure how we'll use this one yet, but it was $1 too (and I'm a big Sinatra fan) so it ended up in the basket.
These literally took seconds to make. I debated doing a little something more to each card, but in the end loved the simplicity of it. I took each sheet and folded it in half. The paper is thicker than printer paper; it's more like cardstock. A quick "hello sun shine" on the front...
Stuck a "thanks so much" at the top and a "love you" at the bottom and viola! That's all she wrote. Literally.
These are also the perfect size to fit inside a regular long envelope (4 1/8" x 9 1/2"). Slap a stamp on and you're ready to go!

Hope you're having a wonderful week! Be sure and thank those special people in your life today, with or without a card. You will certainly make their day.