Guest Post: Katie at My Darling Days

I'm so honored to introduce to you one of my all-time favorite ladies in the blogging world, Katie from My Darling Days. She has some fabulous projects and recipes, and is very witty and entertaining while explaining them. The perfect combination! We did a little switch-a-roo today and I shared a recipe for Cinnamon M&M Chocolate Chip Cookies (they're yummy, I promise!) so be sure to stop by and leave her some love.
Well hey there Fun with the Fullwooders!  I'm Katie, and write over at My Darling Days.

I blog about everyday musings, DIY recipes and crafts, and Auntiehood.  I love making new friends; hop on over a drop me a line!

So glad to be here today, as we all know how amazing Miss Brittany is!  I think she may have single handedly made me gain ten pounds with all her amazing eats....  Ehh well, totally worth it!

Today, I'm going to share a cork board re-vamp idea.  This project literally cost me like $2.  I had almost everything laying around the house.

Here's what you'll need:
My cork board is from about the 3rd grade... I'm surprised it even made it with me when we moved into our house in 2009.

That fabric... an old blouse from Zac's Great Aunt who passed away in July. {I got to rade her closet, so fun!}  

Though the print is a little 'much', it's a great way to remember her daily!

So here's whatcha gotta do:

1. Fit your fabric...or uh, shirt my in case.

2. Pull tight and staple to the back of the cork board.

{nobody said it had to be pretty, this is the back of the board after all}

3. Hammer down any staples sticking up, and trim excess fabric off.

4. Admire!
Ba-da Bing. Ba-da Boom. Done!

Then, for some hardware, I glued thumb tacks to buttons.  Easy as can be!

This will make a lovely addition to my craft/office/junk room :)

Hope I've inspired you to create something new from something old.  Stop by My Darling Days and say hi!