A&M Bowl Game

Last Saturday, we made a very tired trek to Reliant Stadium where Zach's alma mater, Texas A&M, was to play Northwestern in the Meineke Car Care Bowl. We were running on fumes, having just gotten back to Houston from our Christmas Break in West Texas in the wee hours of the morning. Lack of sleep didn't stop us from cheering A&M to victory and enjoying time with some special friends. Plus, our seats were really close to the field (I'm kind of blind). Zach was thrilled that I actually paid attention for once.
Give the camera to your husband and this is what you get...
Arian Foster and Andre Johnson (they play for the Houston Texans...Zach informed me of this)

And there you have it, the only post my husband cares about on this blog. K, that's not entirely true (he loves to eat my cookies, but not always read about them later). Football is what he lives for; so here you go, sweet husband of mine. This one's for you.