Merry Christmas, Y'all!

So you've heard that everything is bigger in Texas. Or so we natives like to think. Christmas is, without a doubt, no exception. We eat like it's our last meal on earth. We sing carols like they're going out of style (according to my husband, they already have). We jingle bells, we deck the halls, we dream of a white Christmas....but this year our dreams came true. That's right, you heard me. West Texas had a snowy Christmas. That's rare. That's big. I wish I could say we were dashing through the snow, but we weren't. We were driving our very large pick-up trucks very slowly. But hey, we enjoyed it nonetheless.

Here are a few pictures of our first days back home. Oh, to relive these moments. They were magical.

baking for neighbors
little brother loves the snow, too
Mom and Dad's tree
Zach and our precious nephew, Kamdon
be still my heart
Zach and our sweet nephew, Jagger
beautiful sister-in-laws
Santa made a visit....
 but not everyone was that excited
 big brother came bearing gifts
 Momma and Pops
sister-in-law-to-be, Scarlett
cousin Braylie and little brother Ryan
Old Maid never gets old
There are two more Christmas posts coming your way, but I'll leave you with a little taste....behold the beauty of Horseshoe Bay

Hope your holiday has been merry and bright :)