Treasure Chest Makeover

Zach and I recently decided to take on a big project. When I say Zach and I, I mean 97% Zach and 3% me. And that 3% includes the four minutes I spent taking pictures. Thanks for all your hard work, Z Man.

Zach's parents had a trunk at their house that had been in the family, on his Mom's side, for years. And years and years. Zach loved it and decided to bring it home with us after Christmas in the hopes of fixing 'er up. We think it's over a hundred years old and belonged to pirates (we have quite the imagination). But seriously, just check it out pre-makeover:
She was pretty beat up. Have you seen Pirates of the Caribbean? Those guys were rough.
 Yes, that's wallpaper. That was a fun fix-up to tackle. I didn't get any good "after" pictures of it, but Zach painted it dark grey. It looks much better.
 And here's the final product! Great work, Zach.
I love the details. They didn't show up very well before but the white (after sanding) really makes them pop.
 Each bracket had to be individually taken off, painted, and hammered back on. It took fo-eva.
One last before/after...just for my personal enjoyment :)
I originally wanted to put him in a bedroom, but for now he's in Zach's office which is decorated in "worldly" decor; lots of globes, map of the world paintings, etc. It fits in nicely. And someday, maybe someday, we will have rowdy little boys that will think this is the coolest treasure chest ever.