Easy Easter Cupcakes

I saw the idea for this here on Pinterest a few days ago and immediately knew these needed to be made in our kitchen. Yes, I'm aware that it's still February and Easter is in April. Let me share with you a little conversation Z and I had on Sunday that might help this premature baking session make a little more sense:

Z: "Why don't you ever make cupcakes? Like, just one or two?"
B: "Ummm...do you know how hard that would be to just make one or two cupcakes? Why not just make a whole batch?"
Z: "'Cause we only need one or two".

I suppose he's right, but he came home to two dozen red velvet cupcakes yesterday. Oopsie.
Oh, and I probably should also mention that I am a HUGE sucker for Easter candy. Like, we're talking addiction that probably needs to be medically treated. Have you ever eaten a Cadbury Creme Egg? If so, you understand.
I could've really challenged myself and attempted a homemade version, but instead I opted for Duncan Hines red velvet cake mix. Why get all technical when the box version is really, really good?

I baked the cupcakes as directed and let them cool. I took a Hershey's chocolate bar and put it in the freezer for ten minutes (while the cupcakes were baking) and then shaved the bar as the cupcakes were cooling. It worked out perfectly. Whenever shaving your chocolate bar, use a vegetable peeler and make sure the chocolate is nice and firm. Cut long pieces, as to resemble twigs.
Pop a couple mini Cadbury Eggs on top and you're done! A cute, tasty treat, perfect for Easter celebrations.
Happy baking, friends!