First Time Fashion

Hi, y'all! For some time now I've wanted to start sharing "What I Wore" posts but I've been a little nervous to give it a try. I by no means have the most expensive nor best wardrobe, but I do believe that clothes are wearable art and love expressing myself through them. Plus, you ladies are just so sweet (and no-one can draw mustaches on virtual pictures).
blouse: Anthro, pants: Marshalls, coat: Wet Seal, shoes: Payless, necklace: Anthro, bracelets: thrifted

I'll admit it...Super Bowls don't fire me up all that much. Vanilla lattes, window shopping, and chocolate chip bagels with cream cheese are more up my alley (all three together is total bliss). Naturally when I walked out in this outfit to go to our friends' laid back Super Bowl party, Zach flashed me a quizzical look.
"Red pants?", he asked.
"Oh yes", I replied.
"Your legs must really want attention".
I shamefully suppose he's right. When you're barely 5'3, your legs aren't exactly taking center stage. They need a little "pop"; I like to call it lipstick for my legs.
ps- you should've seen his face when I threw on the leopard-print coat. :)

My sis-in-law-to-be Scarlett gave me this pretty blouse and necklace for Christmas and I am absolutely loving them. The necklace is such a versatile piece; I adore the mix of gold and silver that match just about everything.

Thanks for sticking with my first ever fashion-ish post, friends! You guys are the best.