A Wedding and a Puppy

Hi friends! I am very sorry I've been the worst blogger in the world the past week. Please forgive me! Things are extremely busy around here preparing for my big brother's wedding this weekend. We are beyond thrilled that Scarlett will be part of our crazy family. I'm also excited to wear my lovely J.Crew bridesmaid dress :).

The beautiful couple at our wedding back in June

Aaaaaaaaaaaand on to other big news.....WE ARE GETTING A PUPPY!!!!! You guys have no idea how hardcore I've been begging Zach. Slightly pathetic, really. But with a face like this, wouldn't you beg too?
Picture from here

We are getting a Miniature Australian Shepherd from
Little Ranch Dogs in early April after the next litter is born. We aren't sure whether it'll be a he or a she yet, but I've already picked out a name for our hypothetical girl pup... Elizabeth Taylor (Lizzy for short). Zach isn't thrilled with my name choice, but I'm hoping it will grow on him.

Thank you all for your kind comments on the last outfit post; you sure know how to make a girl smile. I'll be back soon with another one, promise!