Backyard Matinee

While everyone else has been gearing up to see The Hunger Games today, I found my own entertainment amid our backyard on this glorious, eighty degree day. I've been under the weather all week (So sorry for not keeping up with your blogs! I'll catch up...promise!), making the fresh air much needed and appreciated. Thank you, Mother Nature, for delivering.
Pink nails make outdoorsy seem feminine.
It was like a movie, really. Each scene pulled me in and I found myself never wanting it to end.
Everywhere I looked Mother Nature seemed to be saying, "Look at what you've been missing".
*It should also be noted that I'm listening to Michael Buble's Christmas album while uploading these pictures.....does he make a spring soundtrack? While it's true I'll likely be home for Christmas, it seems a bit early to be thinking/singing about.
Zach's favorite part of the backyard....
These two were big buddies all afternoon, engaging in many an in-depth conversation.
Even the iPad was soaking it all in.

Spring is here, friends! It's a beautiful thing. Happy weekend to you and yours :)