Black, White, and Pink All Over

It rained and rained here in Houston yesterday, providing us with the perfect excuse for a lazy Sunday. As evening rolled in and our movie marathon came to a close, the rain took a little break and we ventured out in the heavenly seventy-five degree weather. Oh spring, how beautifully bipolar you can be.
 skirt:Forever21, cami:Gap, blazer:Rampage via Dillards, bracelet:J.Crew(gift), watch:unknown(gift), necklace:Wet Seal, shoes:Forever21, clutch:thrifted

You might remember this skirt from is seriously the most fun, comfy, unleash-your-inner-six-year-old skirt in the world. Plus, mullets were in style when I was six and this is totally a mullet skirt. Business in the front, party in the back. We're lucky I stopped twirling long enough to take a picture. Big thanks to my precious sister-in-law, Katy, for playing photographer :).