When I was a little girl, my Nana and Papaw lived in a beautiful Victorian home built in the late 1880s. Visiting our grandparents was like stepping back in time to an era much more formal and yet seemingly simple in all the right ways. Afternoon tea was served in the parlor, a charming white gazebo sat on the front lawn, and the original wood floors told stories with every step, as if aching to share memories of forgotten times. We loved that house and everything in it. When Nana decided to give Zach and I some of her Victorian-style furniture, we couldn't say no. Each piece is something special and has a story to tell.
When Z and I first moved into our house last November, we set into motion plans for a "formal sitting room". Our color choice of green for the walls was surprising to some, but we think the bright color has a fresh feel and keeps the room from being stuffy. We still need drapes, a coffee table, and to arrage the furniture in a more practical way (what you see below was done by Z...I applaud his efforts!), but here's a little sneak peek of what's been done thus far.
(you can find the 'before' pictures here)
The tea cart needs other accessories...the lamp and chest are desperately in need of a new home.
This gorgeous settee belongs to my sister-in-law and brother; we are just housing it while they are in Hawaii. It's such a pretty piece!

 A huge thank you to Nana who gave us most of what you see in the room. Also a huge thank you to my sweet husband for allowing pink furniture in our house. You're a keeper, Z!

Hope all you lovely ladies are having a great week!