DIY Father's Day Goodies

Hi friends!! Z and I are so excited for my family to arrive this evening and spend the next couple of days here in H-town with us. Good eats and good laughs are surely in store for the weekend.

I had already bought Father's Day gifts for my dad and Zach, but started thinking that I'd like to do something a little more personal (yet simple) to show them my appreciation for all they do. When I stumbled across this printable on Pinterest, I knew it'd be perfect for Zach. He loves Reese's Pieces :)
I bought a 50 cent Tazo Tea from Wal Mart and filled it with candy. Then I used a hole punch and ribbon to tie the printable around the bottle and voila! A cute little candy treat.
My Dad, strangely enough, doesn't like Reese's Pieces. I call him "Pops" (and so will Tiny!), so it seemed fitting to give him a sucker jar full of Tootsie and Blow Pops. I found the jar at Dollar Tree and whipped up a little tag to tie on...ta da! All ready to devour.
If you're searching for last minute Father's Day ideas, maybe this has given you a little inspiration. Hopefully I won't eat all these suckers before my parents get here tonight :)

Happy weekend, y'all!