Trash To Treasure

What's the point in blogging if you can't husband-brag a little, right ladies? I think we can all agree on that. This one's for you, Z :)

A couple days ago, my hard-working husband got up early to get busy in the yard. We had two trees on both sides of our front door that were blocking our house number and we needed a solution. Zach's idea, naturally, was to uproot them. So that's exactly what he did...all by himself. He tore up three shovels and a hoe in the process, but it was well worth it. We now have two (much smaller!) hibiscus plants in place of the trees that look beautiful and don't cover up our house. Way to go, Mr. Fullwood!

But wait for it, I'm not done bragging just yet :). I went on a twenty minute walk yesterday and came home to find this little lamp, made 100% by my crafty husband.
If that isn't repurposing at it's best, I don't know what is.
Did I mention that he cooks too? Okay, okay, I'm done. Love you Zach!