Baby Face

Tiny had his big anatomy scan on Monday afternoon and I'm proud to report everything went great; he's right on track! When I saw that sweet face on the screen, my heart felt like it might leap out of my chest. It's so incredible that a human being is growing in my belly; it really is a miracle.

Tiny cooperated well at first, giving us some good looks at his little face...

Then he got embarrassed of the sono tech seeing him naked and decided to hide...he's a rascal like his Daddy! We laughed so hard.

itty bitty foot

We don't have another scan until the end of August, but I'm already counting down the days. It makes me feel even closer to our boy when I see him wiggling around and making faces. 

Thank you all so much for following along with our baby news; your thoughtful words always make my day :). Happy weekend!