DIY "Read" Letters

I was in Michael's last week and spotted these cute block letters for $1.50 each. Not being able to pass up a good deal, I grabbed four of them, a few sheets of scrapbook paper, and headed home to make a little something for Baby's room. When Zach saw the pink letters he looked a little worried, so I had to cover them up quickly before getting in too much trouble.
Zach and I want our little man to have plenty of books and his own cozy reading nook in the nursery, so I'm hoping these letters will sit perfectly on one of the shelves Z is currently slaving over :). What a wonderful husband I have!

You'll need:
letters of your choice
Mod Podge
foam brush
2/3 sheets of scrapbook paper
Simply trace around each letter...
Cut out paper letter
Apply Mod Podge to block letter
Carefully place paper onto block letter and coat with Mod Podge. When I finished the flat surfaces it got a little tricky; I basically had to eyeball the insides of the block letters and it took some trial and error. If your foam brush won't reach those hard to get places, you may have to use your fingers to apply glue. Gets a little messy, but it's well worth it in the end!
I'm satisfied with the end result and hope Tiny will be too :). What have you been crafting lately??