Five Things: Beauty Edition

Hi, ladies! Lately I've been reading lots of beauty product reviews on all of your blogs and I absolutely love them. So very educational! Plus there's just something wonderful about getting to peek into other people's make-up bags :).

When preparing a "Five Things" post for this week, I decided it'd be fun to highlight five products that I couldn't live without. Okay, I guess I could if I had to, but life simply wouldn't be the same. You know what I mean. My sister-in-law, Scarlett, is 95% to thank for everything you're about to see in this post....thank you, sweet Scar! She is a beauty product expert and spoils me with treats from Sephora. Before she came along, I thought Wal Mart had everything the beauty world has to offer. How pathetically wrong was I? Once again, thank you for saving me, Scarlett! 

Smith's Rosebud Salve Lip Balm
This stuff is heaven on your lips. I put it on every single night after I shower; it rejuvenates the skin and leaves your kissers feeling extra soft and smooth.

Mary Kay eye make-up remover
My mother-in-law sells Mary Kay and gave me this product last Christmas; it has quickly become one of my favorites. It's the best eye make-up remover I've ever used, and even gets off waterproof mascara without any hassle.

Urban Decay eye-liner in Bourbon & Ransom
I am obsessed with these little liners! They glide on so smoothly and evenly, and are perfect for day or night wear.

Neutrogena makeup remover towelettes
Basically I love these towelettes because they make life so much easier. It's likely that you've used them, or a similar brand, and understand what I mean. No real explanation needed :)

laura mercier tinted moisturizer
Best.moisturizer.ever. Love that it has spf too, so I get sun protection during these blazing months of summer.

There you have it! Five products that I wouldn't want to go a day without. I'm just itching to hear what some of your favorite products are too, so please share!