Maternity Style: Bright

dress:Dillards, shoes:Target, bracelets:Glitter, necklace:F21

My parents gave me this dress for my birthday and I love it. Thanks, Mom and Dad! It's comfortable and cool, while still being bright and fun. Dresses are such an easy choice for expecting ladies because they provide belly-freedom and aren't too tight or stuffy. I love the tie die print in this particular dress because it accentuates the belly, my best feature :).

I'm also finding that wedges are a great way to dress up my feet a little without the pain and discomfort of heels or pumps. Pregnancy makes the whole "beauty is pain" saying go out the window. Let's change that to "beauty is staying in your pajamas as long as possible, sometimes all day, and only wearing make-up when you know you will be seen (Wal Mart runs don't count)"...shall we?

Happy Saturday, friends!